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Reinstallr for R Package Integrity

From dataandme: @sharon000: Great idea! R package reinstallr handles missing #rstats pkgs on your system. By @calli993 https://t.co/e37EUM12DY https://t.co/snct4gUAGo whether you are using R on a...


6 Useful Ways To Use Color In Graphs

via dataandme: “How to Analyze Data: 6 Useful Ways To Use Color In Graphs” https://t.co/LVRZ9qoCEP via @plotlygraphs #dataviz https://t.co/O6ZYZYcjDu

neurosciencenews: Perfecting a Fully Functioning Prosthetic Hand Read the full article Perfecting a Fully Functioning Prosthetic Hand at NeuroscienceNews.com. In the USC Viterbi School of Engineering‘s department of...


Pretty KANO Kit backed by Wozniak

“Funded! This project was successfully funded 19 minutes ago.” KANO Computer Kit. Steve Wozniak just backed a DIY computer on Kickstarter—and so have 14,000 others

We meet at Google Campus. Israel, the #1 country worldwide according to R&D budget segment, is striving to make its step forward from a “startup-nation” towards a...