We meet at Google Campus. Israel, the #1 country worldwide according to R&D budget segment, is striving to make its step forward from a “startup-nation” towards a “brain-nation”. Brainihack is a weekend long hackathon October 11th-12th, 2013,  that will put Brain Computer Interface devices in the hands of developers, designers, makers and visionaries. Projects & groups are currently forming. Go add a project In the meantime, here are some of the ideas being developed:

  • Learning-enhancer: optimizing studying habits with BCI
  • BCI operated wheel-chair
  • Neuro-feedback for sleep disorders
  • Neuro-telepathy? using BCI to “connect” people’s minds
  • Emotion detection: mapping EEG response to Ekman’s micro-expressions
  • 3D-print your brain-waves

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