Part 4: How to bootstrap with Machine Learning: Putting Machine Translation to Work


Earlier I posted several lists of API services that could be helpful for quickly starting with 1. Making Data-Based Prediction ; Image-related analysis, such as 2. Face Recognition or Pattern Recognition and 3. Text Analysis, Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis

In our dynamic world, organizations and individuals communicate through borders. The language barriers exist and they are still to be destroyed. Check some of the useful services that could help you in building truly multilingual real-time application to serve the need  of the user.

Machine Learning API for Machine Translation

  • Microsoft Translator API is a cloud-based automatic translation service supporting multiple languages that reach more than 95% of world’s gross domestic product (GDP). Translator can be used to build applications, websites, tools, or any solution requiring multilanguage support.
  • LangId: a fast way to retrieve information about any sort of language, without specifying the language.
  • MotaWord: provides translations in over 70 languages. The API also lets developers get quotes for each translation, submit translation projects along with documents and style guides, track the progress of translation project and get activity feeds in real time.
  • WritePath Translation: API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of WritePath with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving word counts, posting documents for translations, and retrieving translated documents and text.
  • Google Translate: Currently in second version, google translate provides researchers, in the field of automatic machine translation, tools to help compare and contrast with, and build on top of, Google’s statistical machine translation system.
  • IBM Watson Language Translation:  uses statistical machine translation techniques to provide domain-specific translations. They currently offer three domains(conversational, patent & news) that can translate between a total of seven languages.

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