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Many words said about emerging technology and its assessment. In order not to be overwhelmed with terminology and magazine-like bla-bla-bla, lets just drill to definitions. The need for clarity here is linked to the infancy state of the BCI industry and the absence of a technology roadmap.

According to the FBNCI Project, 2011, in order to be considered as a BCI, 4 criteria must be met. Generally speaking, the user chooses to perform a mental task, should be aiming at sending a command or message for each time the device is used.

  1. The device must rely on direct measures of brain activity
  2. The system has to rely on intentional control
  3. The device must provide feedback to the user
  4. The device should work real time

Apart from that, if we look forward to evaluating the emerging tech, lets just check Harper-named criteria

  • Arise from new knowledge, or the innovative application of existing knowledge
  • Lead to the rapid development of new capabilities
  • Are projected to have significant systemic and long-lasting economic, social and political impacts
  • Create new opportunities for and challenges to addressing global issues
  • Have the potential to disrupt or create entire industries

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