Why MIP?

A few words about my days in MIP Politecnico di Milano 

People asked me several times, “Why did you chose MIP Politecnico di Milano?”. To be honest, MIP became my choice on the emotional level first. Then, I learned about the school’s roots in engineering and a design DNA. At the cornerstone of my choice, I just wanted to remain on the edge of progress, and browsed for a synergy between application of my technical skills and mastering leadership. MIP was there to provide an opportunity, and, importantly, the environment to learn about my favorite topics: design and innovation management.

I was 18 when I founded LimeJam, my first company.

The youngest person in the group – when joined the school, I was 21. At that time I was trying to scale the idea of the LimeJam’s distributed team and learn-learn-learn. Another factor of my choice was Italy. I personally think that falling in love with this country is just inevitable.

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