Launching PocketConfidant AI


Last several months I’ve been involved in designing and launching a new startup in the field of Mind Health driven by Artificial Intelligence.

PocketConfidant is a personal and virtual chat application, with which you can communicate 24/7. The user shares his situation with this AI robot using chat on his smartphone. The PocketConfidant application, in turn, helps the user in getting another perspective on his issue and create personal objectives by asking contextually dependent and independent questions.

PocketConfidant SAS is a France based and international start-up company founded in 2015 by 3 founders entrepreneurs in the field of psycholgy, coaching, applied physics, neuroscience research and innovation management.

Founded by Olivier Malafronte, Olmira Belankova and myself – 3 persons from 3 different cultures, PocketConfidant is built on diversity from day 1.

The aim of the company is to deliver products that anyone can use anywhere in the best confidentiality to help solve daily situations as well as feelings and emotions and move forward to opportunities and solutions.

We are working on understanding and merging human aspects with technology tools in a way that it stays controlled, safe, helpful and ethical.

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