[DIY] Cardboard foldable photoframe

Recently I was trying to solve the question on how to put the icons and photos in my apartment without drilling walls. Apparently, the solution found me very quickly. Cardboard is a very practical, affordable and widely available material that even kids can use. Design appeared in my mind pretty fast after drawing and scissor-cutting of several experiments. I transformed and refined my drawings, and when I was satisfied, I cut cardboard panels off  as a final version using the scalpel blades and scissors.


This post is not intended to be a know-how in cardboard DIY, but rather to show that the simple ready to use recyclable materials are around us. 


If you like the design you can also easily implement it yourself: 

  1. simply download and print the PDF using your home printer on A4 or letter-sized paper
  2. overlay cardboard with the the printed paper
  3. cut using the knife or sharp scissors
  4. fold the resulting shape along the dashed guidelines

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