10 reasons to kill your designer

  1. “I did the best I could – there’s only so much you do with…”
  2. “Just tell me what you want and I’ll make that.”
  3. “Oh, that can’t be done.”
  4. “Oh, but my idea is much better”
  5. “Well you never told me it was supposed to be REALLY good!”
  6. “Your database doesn’t work with my design” or “Is all of this stuff really necessary?“
  7. "That solution would be non-standard” or “Users don’t scroll.“
  8. "I went to design school”
  9. “Because it looked better.”
  10. “Trust me”

This is not a final list of behviors that may lead to a poor design culture. Be an attentive product manager. Tell me about your experience!

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