Human Development Index

The Human Development Index, Trends & Components

HDI Trends 1980-2013

The tree graph above shows that more and more countries are trying to step into the high-technology development path and grow through increase in high-technology exports. The area on the tree graph presents  high-technology exports, the heatmap marks HDI level.

Research boosts Human Development

Why we always touch the topic of innovation when we sppeak about human development? It solves problems today in a way that positions us to address the unforeseen problems of tomorrow.

In the past, many countries have been able to survive even with very limited amounts of innovation. They focused on providing supportive service and simply kept a level that maintained their local competitiveness in the neighbouring market. This method still applies to some markets and countries with long lifecycles and few opportunities for innovation. Recently however, some trends have emerged that drive the innovation process. Due to factors such as globalisation and outsourcing, there is an increased push to improve efficiency and effectiveness of countries. Governments need more than good companies and products to survive; they require innovative processes and management that can drive down costs and improve productivity and boost comperative advantage.


Countries with high HDI tend to reduce their CO2 impact

As a society we need to value benefits brought to us by nature, ensuring that other people can benefit in future as well. By looking at how different bits of the environment are connected, we can make better decisions and open up new opportunities. We will need to work together, understanding how individual and collective actions affect the natural environment upon which we depend.